Dorian Lévesque(4)

"Tout ce qu'il faut pour obtenir ce que je veux. C'est exactement ce que je vais faire." - Dorian Lévesque
General Information
Birth date Unkown
Birth place Unkown
Ethnicity Unkown
Accent French
Blood status Unknown
Physical Characteristics
Species Wizard (Metamorphmagus)
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 182 cm
Weight 70 kg
Magical Characteristics
Wand Performs magic wandlessly
Wand Arm Performs magic wandlessly
Patronus Non corporeal
Boggart Family
Amortentia Roasted bear, Pine needles, Firewhiskey
Loyalty Himself
School Never attended school
House Never attended school
Occupation -

Dorian Gaspard Lévesque was abandoned by his birth parents days to mere weeks after he was born. He knows nothing about himself, not his age, birthday, blood status, nationality, all Dorian knows is who he has become.

Dorian Gaspard LévesqueEdit

Found by an employee of a Wizarding Orphanage on March 2nd, the boy had multi-colored eyes, and multi-colored hair when he was brought in. The woman that found him, Emmanuelle gave him the name Dorian. She remarked that he was so unique looking there was nothing more fitting than Dorian Gaspard. Dorian was raised in the orphanage, he was never adopted, and never set foot into an educational institution. He did receive some magical training through the orphanage, and he did learn a lot of tricks from his orphan "brothers and sisters". Dorian was a bit of a gang member, his closest friends were Prudence, Claude, Morgan, Gaston, and Lucrèce. When he aged out of the foster system he left them behind, for good.

He convinced himself that he should break ties with the only people he ever knew as "family". He secluded himself in the sparsely inhabited northern region of Quebec, believing this was best for everyone. In the cold, he joined for a very short time with the Inuit, and other Native communities he stumbled on. Dorian never did well with groups, although he managed not to hurt anyone physically he did damage to himself emotionally. What ever trouble he caused himself left him unable to use his natural ability to alter his physical appearance. This blockage of his magic felt like he had left something behind. He returned to the Inuit village, and murdered everyone. This release of his frustration, and pent up anger earned him back his ability, he has not denied himself gratification since them.


Dorian is best described as nothing else if not absolutely demonic. He didn't learn to control his magic the traditional way. He didn't receive a wand when he was 11, and he did not receive an education. He learned his magic on the street, from so called "friends" and what would be known as associates. To this day Dorian will strike down anyone who stands in his way, with little to no care as to who they are or what they should mean to him.

Positive Traits

·Metamorphmagus ability ·Confidence ·Aggressiveness

Negative Traits

·Deranged ·Combative ·Selfish


Dorian is a very good looking man, for his age. A Metamorphmagus by birth, he has the ability to change his appearance at will, under the right emotional circumstances. He naturally has very dark brown eyes, so dark they can often look more black than brown. He has wavy, shoulder length, very messy, black hair. It only further perpetuates the rumors of his volatile nature. He has tattoos that are only seen when he wants them to be, located on his chest, both shoulders, and his back.

His faceclaim is Robert De Niro

Ethnicity Unknown
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Brown
Height 182 cm
Weight 70 kg
Native Language French
Languages Spoken English and French
Clothing Style Casual
Shoe Size 45


Family MembersEdit

Emmanuelle - Care Taker
Prudence, Claude, Morgan, Gaston, Lucrèce, - Orphanage kids ("brothers and sisters")