The academy has been in operation, in many different forms for thousands of years. The first courses ever offered under the IAM name date back to the early 900's. As the years went by how courses were introduced and the curriculum covered for each year changed frequently. The six founders of the International Academy of Magic consisted of the Half-Blood Aethelberg twins Raedwynne and Cenrys, the Muggle-Born Seer Sabela Gomes, the Half-Blood (Vampire) Moïse Charbonneau, Pure-Blood (Metamorphmagus) Abeiuwa Ihejerika, and Pure-Blood Marcellinus Maximinus.

When first offering courses to students, the Aethelberg twins, Sabela and Abeiuwa were accepting of all prospective students. Marcellinus and Moïse differed, they only wanted to accept children from respectable Wizarding families. No Half-Bloods, no Muggle adopted orphans, and no Muggle-Born students above all. The sextet had an understanding before their differences divided them, they wanted a place for students to grow magically, and as individuals. They wanted to give future generations of magical children the kind of learning environment they wanted as children.


Raedwynne and Cenrys Aethelberg

The Aethelberg twins Raedwynne and Cenrys were Agricultural prodigies. Rae had a little more skill then Cen, but he was much more skilled with spell work. The twins created the Green Roof as a sustainable means of teaching the students how to cultivate their own ingredients, from various poisonous plants to the more harmless edible varieties.

Sabela Gomes

Sabela Gomes was a celebrated Healer and a Seer. Sabela was an adventurous and secretive woman. She paved the 'way' of every trail on the grounds including the equestrian Trails. Sabela worked very hard at the craft of Healing,working closely with the Aethelberg twins, she also used her natural gift, her secret, as an advantage.

Abeiuwa Ihejerika

Abeiuwa Ihejerika was a Pure-Blood Metamorphamagus Witch and a Master of Martial Magic. As the daughter of a Nigerian Chief, her childhood was spent training to avoid embarrassment to her father. She was incredibly vain, and quite ruthless for such a beautiful woman. Abeiuwa as the daughter of the Chief believed the position to be hers upon his death, it wasn't.

Moïse Charbonneau

Moïse Charbonneau is a Wizard/Vampire and Mastered the art of Manifestation. He was born a Half-blood and was bitten when his small village was attacked by a brood of vicious blood thirsty vampires. Moïse as a human was head strong and street smart, after being bitten he became very passionate and rather contentious about Being equality.

Marcellinus Maximinus

Marcellinus Maximinus was a very proud Pure-Blood Dark Wizard, literally born in the Dark. There was a blackout that started when his mother went into labor and ended after he was born. The Maximinus line is filled with Dark Wizards, and not a Muggle or Squib to speak of, not that they would be if there were any living or breathing. Marcellinus was an arrogant, cruel, and sadistic individual.