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Glori-Anne Dompierre

"Vous vivez et aimez, et puis tu meurs." - Glori Dompierre
General Information
Birth date Octobre 31st
Birth place Canada
Ethnicity Canadienne-française
Accent Française
Blood status Pur-Sang
Physical Characteristics
Species Homme/Sorcière
Gender Female
Hair Color Brun
Eye Color Brun
Height 145 cm
Weight 58 kg
Magical Characteristics
Wand Rowan, Chimera scale
Wand Arm Droite
Patronus Phénix
Boggart Être laid, ou incompris
Amortentia Canneberge européenne, melon noix de muscade Montréal, cassis Nord
Loyalty Dompierre famille
School Internationale Académie de la Magie
House Ihejerika
Occupation Septième Année Etudiant

Glori-Anne Marie Angélique Dompierre is a Seventh Year, Junior Master and member of Ihejerika.

Glori-Anne Marie Angélique DompierreEdit

Daveigh Lefebvre has always been an active woman, a Certified Personal Trainer she exercises five days a week, 4-6 hours a day, at least 3 days a week 2-4 hours a day if she can't do more. No one knew she was pregnant, not even her. Not until her water broke at a costume party. Some people thought the water mark was a part of her costume, a part she also she hadn't even felt until someone pointed it out, next thing she knew she was doubled over in pain being rushed to the emergency room. François waited anxiously with Daveigh for any news, about what was happening to her. When the doctor on call finally got to them, he informed the young couple that a congratulations was in order. Daveigh was in labor, she was about to give birth. Exactly five hours later the couple was a trio, François, Daveigh and Glori-Anne, they never wanted to start a family and a child, a new born was something they were not ready for.

Glori was a difficult child, she hadn't meant to be such a burden to her mother and father. The problem was that they didn't have the confidence in themselves to know, that they knew what she needed or wanted. The second Glori began to cry they looked to each other expecting the other to jump up and run to her aid. It took four years of them both apprehensively coddling her to realize what a certain wail or coo meant. In time they spoke their daughter's language so well, as soon as she opened her mouth they were ready, half the time with exactly what she wanted. This change in family dynamic did make life easier for Daveigh and François, it also change the life Glori would have had. She would have been thick-skinned, courageous, and self-reliant, Now, she was spoiled, almost rotten. She was needy and, manipulative, and worst of all she cared what other people thought of her. Glori didn't behave very well frequently throwing tantrums, but she was cute as button which made a lot of people forget about her awful personality traits.


Glori can be sickeningly condescending, her word vomit usually rings with smug undertones. Something she has said, either in passing or straight to your face is almost always followed with a disrespectful smirk. Glori has perfected her lines, physical and verbal so very well it is impossible to tell when she is lying though her perfect white teeth or telling you the honest truth. The best chance anyone has of picking out one of Glori's lies is witnessing her in the act, or if she has let you in on it from the start. The only people that can tell when Glori's tears are crocodilian or genuine are her mother and father.

Positive Traits

·Determined ·Perceptive ·Convincing

Negative Traits

·Needy ·Manipulative ·Shallow


Glori has shoulder length, short, brown hair, she usually wears it fairly mess. She never ties her hair up or slicks it back, not unless she absolutely has to. She has fair skin, a warm cream color, and very dark chocolate brown eyes like her mother. Glori truly is the spitting image of her mother Daveigh from her facial features to her personality, much more so than younger sister Gabbi. Glori, and her mother even have the very same hair style, sometimes (without seeing their face) only hearing their voice François has a hard time telling them apart.

Her faceclaim is Nine d'Urso

Ethnicity Canadienne-française
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Height 145 cm
Weight 58 kg
Native Language French
Languages Spoken English, French and German
Clothing Style Feminine
Shoe Size 35½


Family MembersEdit

Dompierre FamilyEdit

Daveigh Lefebvre - Mother
François Xavier Dompierre - Father
Gabriella Marie Françoise Dompierre - Sister

Davina Lefebvre-Benoit - Aunt
Jourdain Benoit - Uncle
Roch Benoit - Cousin