Sara Elahnir Timms
Charbonneau Fifth Year
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“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.” -Charlotte Brontë
General Information
Birth date February 15
Birth place Piscataquis County, Maine, America
Ethnicity English-American, French-American
Accent American Gobbledegook
Blood status Half-Breed (Wizarding Half-Blood)
Physical Characteristics
Species Half Human, Half Goblin
Gender Female
Hair Color White Blond
Eye Color Grey-Green
Height 4 feet, 2 inches/127 centimeters
Weight 71 pounds/32 kilograms
Magical Characteristics
Wand Ash, Phoenix Tail Feather and Demiguise Hair, 6 ¼ inches
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Kneazle
Boggart Failure
Amortentia Mushrooms, Hot Metal, Books
Loyalty Goblins
School International Academy of Magic
House Charbonneau
Occupation Student

Sara Elahnir Timms is a half-goblin, fifth year Charbonneau student at the International Academy of Magic.


Sara Elahnir was born to an unlikely pair, a relationship destined never to work. Her father, Ragnok, was a goblin, and her mother, Julia Timms, a witch. Julia said she wanted equal rights for goblins, and Ragnok said he was ok with wizardkind, so it worked several years, before erupting into vicious fights. It's not that they just said these things, they truly thought they believed it. But in the end they sided with their own race.

When Julia found out she was pregnant, it was unexpected, but she was still rather pleased. Her mother chose the name Sara and her father chose Elahnir. Ragnok wanted her goblin name to be her first name, but eventually gave in to Julia's argument that the person going though labor got chose the first name — while Sara is her human name and Elahnir is her goblin name, and they legally formatted it as a first and middle name

The baby was born in the morning of February 15th, a few days late. She was little thing — tiny, really — at only 3.8 pounds. With a tuft of white hair and round blue eyes.

She was raised at best her parents could. Sara spent her days playing with her friends, her cousins. But as I said before, it was never meant to last. The bitter fights started when Sara was 7, and dragged on for years. When Julia and Ragnok finally split up, Julia got custody of Sara without even having to try, no goblin would win in a court of law — not that Ragnok didn't try.

Julia moved to the city of Portland with Sara, where they lived in a small, wizarding community. Sara hated it. She missed the places she's known her whole life, her cousins, and more than anything, her father. She'd stay up in her room, being mad at the world, and more specifically her mother. She lay on her bed, looking at the window and dreaming that her goblin cousins would appear outside and glass, and break it and take her back home. Out of the house, their wizarding neighbors discriminated against Sara, and muggles gawked at her.

She came downstairs for meals, which made her sick after a while, since her mother was only making human food now, and for her lessons. (Sara was homeschooled like most magical children.) She'd barely spoke to Julia, and occasionally, when she was fed up, scream at her in Gobbledegook, which Julia had never learned more than a few words of. Julia would send her to her room, but that was just what Sara would have done on her own anyways.


Sara is quiet and sullen. She's always been the quiet sort, a bit shy. But as a young child, she was quiet happy; she lost that when she was torn away from he original home and taken to the city, where she was lonely and discriminated against for her goblin half. She hated them for that, and starting identifying more with her goblin side then. She's actually pretty optimistic and hopeful, and feeds on a hope that tomorrow will be better, but doesn't expect it to be. She doesn't take any crap about being a goblin, not anymore, and will jinx your eye out if you do. She truthfully hates being alone, but would rather be alone than in bad company.

Passionate • Willful • Clever Bitter • Untrusting • Angry


Sara looks more human than goblin. Her face is look very human; her nose is very average. Her ears are pointed, but her hair covers that most of the time. Her eyes are a light silvery color, and without the goblin slant. In stature, Sara is 4 feet and 2 inches tall, and is done growing — about a foot taller than an average goblin. Her hair is more goblin — white-blond and rather wispy. Her fingers and toes are long and nimble — not as much so as a full goblin, but definitely much more so than a human.


Julia — Sara doesn't actually, truly, in her heart hate her mother, but it's as close as you can possibly get. Julia took Sara away from her home, friends, and her father, to somewhere where she was alone and discriminated against. Sara has always liked her father better, right from when she was a baby. But she used to have a decent relationship with her mother, that shattered the moment Julia took her to Portland. Sara didn't speak to her mother for a week, and stayed up in her new room, but Julia was sure Sara would get over it before long. She didn't.

Ragnok — Sara has always been closer to her father, ever since she was tiny. And when Julia took custody of Sara and left without more than a moment's notice, she stared writing to him every day, to spite her mother. And yes, Sara does hold it over her mother's head that she loves her dad a lot. It's not just an act, she really does. Although she plays it up, writing letters to him primarily in front of her mother.

Goruk & Tithen — Sara's father had one brother and that brother had 2 children. Goruk is a few monthes older than Sara, and Tithen is 2 years younger than both of them. They 3 of them were best friends. Not because they were siblings and cousins, no. They were best friends, who happened to be lucky enough to be born into the same family. They'd play in the creek, or build stuff from the scraps of metal in the forge, or just sit around, talking about nothing one moment, and everything the next.