Stay close to me. Until the very end.
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"Дайте. Тогда получите." - Virgilia Erchantrudis
General Information
Birth date February 19th
Birth place Staritsa, Staritsky District, Tver Oblast
Ethnicity Russian/German
Accent Russian
Blood status Half-blood (Half-Veela)
Physical Characteristics
Species Veela/Witch
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Height 158cm
Weight 54kg
Magical Characteristics
Wand Pear, Erumpent horn
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Anguis fragilis (Blindworm)
Boggart Pain
Amortentia Boiled potatoes, Medovukha, Pickled cucumbers
Loyalty Erchantrudis family
School The Academy
House Aethelberg (Former)
Occupation Ministry Liaison - America

Virgilia Carly Gregoria Erchantrudis was born in Russia, she is a Half-Veela witch and a former Aethelberg.

Virgilia Carly Gregoria ErchantrudisEdit

Raised by her grandmother Irinushka Radomir, in Dermenino, an abandoned village in the Poshekhonye District of Yaroslavl Oblast, in northern Russia. Quinton and Virgilia were abandoned with their wizarding grandparents as toddlers, Irinushka, their Pure-blood paternal grandmother by this point was nearly a hag.

Master of their preferred forms of magic, Irinushka and Grigory raised the twins as they did with Motya. They always wanted twins. Now, in their old age they had them. It was the best dream retirement that they were going to get. The twins were taught to brew, and cook out of cauldrons, and were trained in Martial Magic.

Quinton, and Virgilia at the age of 10 were transferred to the Academy before attending any other school like Aurora would do in the following ten years. They were each enrolled in a Russian Wizarding school, and promptly sent to the Academy. The Erchantrudis kids are all members of different houses Virgilia is in Aethelberg, Quin is in Gomes, and Aurora is in Charbonneau.

Grigory Denis, Virgilia's grandfather, was 'ill' in one manner or another by her early teens, this left the girls, Quin, and their grandmother to care for themselves. They tended to his inexplicable cuts, bruises, scrapes, and various other wounds he seemed to suffer from, whether or not he cared to be seen.


Virgilia is a total sweetheart, she is unthinkably kind, she always has a compliment for even the harshest, and rudest of individuals. She is a lover, and not a fighter, she has been trained to fight. She loses frequently because she refuses to kill. She will main, wound, and incapacitate to the point of death but she will not kill. Unlike her sister, Virgilia appreciates both the similarities and differences in herself her twin Quinton, and her younger sister Aurora.

Positive Traits

· Compassionate · Hard-working · Practical

Negative Traits

· Clinging · Nervous · Pusillanimous


Virgilia has shoulder length blonde hair, and green eyes. She has the kind of eyes that look either brown, or, green, or hazel or, blue or grey, maybe violet? Color-changing. When she was born they were green, therefore they are green, that is what she says, that is what they are. She is the kind of an eccentric girl and she dresses how she feels, if she is in a bad mood and feels like dressing in layers on a hot day she will, if she feels great on a cold winter's day and wants to wear a skirt or dress you could bet money on it, the fact that she will.

Her faceclaim is Saara Sihvonen

Ethnicity Russian/German
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 158cm
Weight 54kg
Native Language Russian
Languages Spoken English, Russian, French
Clothing Style Girly


Family MembersEdit

Erchantrudis FamilyEdit

Irinushka Radomir - Grandmother
Grigory Denis - Grandfather
Zhenya - Mother
Motya Erchantrudis - Father
Quinton Viktor Silas Erchantrudis - Twin Brother
Aurora Harmony Greta Erchantrudis - Younger Sister